Leadership - Our Board of Directors

(by annual election, see these people to join)

Tom Diggin
Margaret Freeman
Darryl Chase
Courtney Spies
Tom Diggin
Margaret Freeman Secretary
Nina Hawes

Darryl Chase Member at Large

Courtney Spies
Member at Large


The Board will oversee the general direction of the club.

The Board will consult with the club on any major decisions and will abide by the will of the club.

The Board will plan events for the club. It may use committees composed of club members to delegate some of the planning.

The Board will elect from its members a chairman, a secretary, and a treasurer at its first meeting. Their term of office will be one year.

If an officer is unable to attend a Board meeting or a general meeting he or she may delegate another Board member to temporarily perform their duties for that event.

The Board will need a minimum quorum of three people to meet.

An officer may be removed from their position for any reason if at least three Board members vote for removal.

A Board member may be removed from their position for any reason if a majority of the club vote for removal.

1.  Ensures that there is free and open discussion during Board meetings and general meetings and sees that all members are given an opportunity to contribute their views during group discussions.

2.  Clarifies decisions for accurate recording in the minutes.

3.  Calls for a vote when appropriate.

4.  Calls the meetings to order.

5.  Serves as a member of the Board.

1.  Records all decisions in the minutes of the general meetings and Board meetings.
2.  Handles incoming and outgoing correspondence.
3.  Maintains a file of correspondence and minutes.
4.  Makes notes of recommendations made at general meetings.
5.  Maintains an up-to-date roster of all members.
6.  Serves as a member of the Board.

1.  Keeps an accurate record of income and expenditures.
2.  Warns the club if there is a danger in overspending.
3.  Renders a regular and accurate financial report at general meetings and Board meetings.
4.  Pays all bills and reimburses members for club expenditures.
5.  Deposits all money and oversees the accounts of the club.
6.  Assists each year in an annual audit performed by a fellow Board member.
7.  Serves as a member of the Board.



ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD AT THE FIRST MEETING OF EACH CALENDAR YEAR: Election calls are to be sent out at the end of each calendar year, notifying members of the pending election and providing ballots. Voting may be done either in-person or via absentee ballot.

ELIGIBILITY: Every member-in-good-standing will be eligible to vote and to hold office.

CHARACTER OF THE ELECTION: Those interested in serving on the Board will let that be known prior to election. As a club whose main focus is fellowship, it's important that our elections don't become partisan or divisive.

PROCESS OF BALLOTING: Members are to vote for the five members that they deem to be the most capable in serving on the Board. Ballots of more than five or less than five will not be accepted.

DETERMINING ELECTION RESULTS: The five names that have drawn the most votes will make up the Board for the coming year. In the event of a tie a special run-off election between those involved in the tie will be held immediately to determine the outcome.

SELECTION OF OFFICERS: At its first meeting the new board will elect a chairman, secretary and a treasurer from among its number.

BI-ELECTIONS: If elected members are unable to serve their full terms the secretary will send out election notices and ballots for special elections to fill the vacancy.