About Us

The Imaginative Cinema Society (ICS) is open to anyone who wants to have a good time socializing with other people who have the same interest in and love of movies.

In 1999, Dave Willard had a vision; a club built upon love of films, fellowship and sharing common interests.   He called upon a group of good friends and, together they decided to form that club based upon their mutual interest in sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies.

Founding members included Dave Willard, Dave Henderson, Mike Schilling, Joe Plempel, Charlie Wittig and Regina Vallerani.  All of these people were very enthusiastic about the idea and are still active members of the club today.   However, everyone that showed up in those early days, is considered a founding member and remembered fondly even though some have passed away, moved away or moved on.

The club first met at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in downtown Baltimore and was lead by Dave Willard.  Later, it moved to White Marsh Library before finding it’s currently rented home at the fellowship hall of the Perry Hall Presbyterian church, which was the most economical for the group.    

A Board of Directors is elected annually to organize and plan which relies heavily on club members input for assistance in running the club.  Anyone can run for a position on the Board which ensures that no individual is a Board member for life.  

According to founding member Dave Henderson, the club still operates under its original Constitution and is very open to the evolving wants of all members, change and always willing to try new ways of having meetings, presentations or events.  The main goal is to provide a fun atmosphere to socialize and watch movies.

The Imaginative Cinema Society offers its members an alternating variety of activities at each meeting whether a member brings in a movie for showing and discussion, or a member does a presentation with a movie, OR there is a panel discussion on a particular chosen movie theme night. 


Sometimes a member will bring in several movies based on a theme, give a description of each and then the club will vote on which one they wish to see that evening.   The club strives to mix things up so things are never dull.

We also invite special scheduled speakers, such as Hollywood historian and author Greg Mank.   ICS holds special scheduled events such as cook-outs, pot luck night, pizza night and holiday parties.   There is the possibility of group social events, going to conventions, dinners, and going to the movies outside of our regular meetings if they are scheduled by our members.

Our emphasis is on providing a congenial atmosphere for those who enjoy watching fantasy, science fiction, mystery and horror genre movies.  If this sounds like your kind of club, please come to our meeting and see what we are all about