Sue Feder (Legacy Notice)
November 16, 1951 - September 9, 2005

(From the ICS Files, September 2005) Sue Feder had been a member of the ICS since our early days.   She joined on her very first meeting.   We saw little of her afterwards because she was receiving treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, but she stayed in touch with the club during that time and returned to become a regular fixture.

Sue was always in the front row for the presentation and movie - and when Dave had an important issue to discuss, you could always count on Sue to chime in with an opinion or idea.  Unfortunately, Sue's health began to take a turn for the worse and I am sorry to announce, that on September 9th, she lost her battle with cancer.  Sue became feverish and because her immune system was weak due to cancer treatments, her body could not fight back.


According to Dave Henderson: "We knew that Sue was sick, and that each meeting was potentially her last."

Michael Schilling remembers "I admired her very much. She was very studious, very well spoken, highly intelligent, and very prepared with everybody she approached. Her area of expertise, as I recall, was the mystery field, which I don't have a lot of experience much of what she spoke of was a bit foreign to me. Still, that's one of the great joys of this club (which I always try to mention to all potential new members), that we all have different points of view and areas of expertise that we all like to espouse on, so one can always get lots of different points of view at any meeting you're involved in.

Her death was much more drawn out than the other two. She suffered with a form of cancer for quite some time. She battled and battled and battled. And we were all there pulling for her. She even managed to get to a meeting or two during the course of treatment, as I recall. But in the end, it wasn't enough.


Sue was the first "full-time" member of the ICS to pass on. The DVD library was renamed in her honor right after that."

In October, 2005 ICS made a donation to Lymphoma Research in Sue's name. ICS also created The Sue Feder Memorial Video Library from which ICS members may take out the movies. This library is maintained by Joe Plempel.

Special ICS Memories -

Timothy Flemming – “Sue was a fantastic lady that always made me smile and laugh. I miss her. She always laughed at my jokes.”

Dave Henderson -  “What was that movie? She Demon or She Creature? Has it really been 6 years? I liked her, even though she laughed at Tim's jokes.”

Timothy Flemming – “It was "She-Demon", She and her sister had watched it when they were young. They would mock on the scene when the She-Demon exposed her face and said, ‘Could anyone ever love... THIS!’ Rest in Peace Sue, You were a beautiful person.”

John Weber - I remember her presentation on "Movies I Have Loved". We ended up watching "The Crawling Eye" that night. It's one of my favorites, and I always think of her now, whenever I watch it.

John Ward – “She was a very kind lady, and a friend to all. She loved talking about all types of films with anyone who was interested. Take care up there, Sue.”

Charlie Wittig - "A lovely lady with a great mix of sophistication, earthiness, courage and hutzpah. She loved the ICS and the schlocky movies we showed and we loved her."

Outside of ICS/More about Sue . . .

Sue considered herself to be a secular jewish woman, who belonged to the Baltimore Jewish Cultural Chavurah. Married to a Catholic man, she wrote a wonderful essay (auto-biographical piece) on Interfaith or Intercultural Marriage for the website. She was again interviewed by the Baltimore Sun about being a secular "jew."

Sue Feder, was an avid mystery enthusiast and co-owned a mystery bookstore, Mystery Loves Company, in Fells Point in 1992. She loved a good mystery! She founded the Historical Mystery Appreciation Society (1998) and wrote reviews for many fan publications like Mystery Readers Journal and Deadly Pleasures.

A colleague, Kevin Smith of "Thrilling Detective Website" (where Sue was an editor), fondly remembered: "Sue was born talking, and learned to read shortly thereafter. She eventually combined these talents by sidling over to people and recommending books to them. In addition to starting her own monthly mystery review column, Magical Mystery Tour (no longer available on the web), and plaguing most of the mystery fanzines at least once, she pounced upon the unsuspecting Ellis Peters and founded The Ellis Peters Appreciation Society, which she ran for seven years, editing and publishing its quarterly journal, Most Loving Mere Folly.

Having nailed Ellis Peters to the wall, Sue began casting her eyes around for another writer to torment. When they all ran and hid, she decided to get even with the whole bunch of them at once, and founded The Historical Mystery Appreciation Society in 1998. She edited and publishied its quarterly journal, Murder: Past Tense until her death in 2005."

Each year, the Mystery Readers International organization gives the Macavity Awards for the best written mysteries. In honor of Sue Feder's memory, a special award catagory, The Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery Award, was created.