Betsy Childs, Jim's beloved wife, tells their story. "My husband Jim was a pretty cool guy.  I mean, he put up with me for 17 years. He gave me confidence, support and friendship.

It was easy, we did this for each other. He gave me an unconditional love that I had not found anywhere else. It is wonderful to love like that.

It was our love for movies that brought us together. I remember when I first met him I was interviewing for a job at Blockbuster video. He was the manager. I got his attention by knowing some movie trivia. We became friends when he found that I knew old classical movies and loved science fiction.

Movies were definitely a passion of the two of us. We could watch almost anything together. From Star Wars to Spartacus to King Kong to Gone with the Wind to Futurama. And most of them we could quote verbatim.  It is a special gift to find someone who you could share so many similar likes with.  I remember going on our first date and putting my hand in the popcorn box just as he also was. Our hands met and somehow, I knew that he was for me. I was struck. We met in March and married in November.  It was true love.

 We joined ICS and found a group filled with friends we never knew we had. Others that, like us, loved movies and could recite movie lines and pull minor trivia about a certain film out of our head and get into the fun of the movies. It was great. We found a family with ICS.

 I know Jim enjoyed the ICS presentations that members gave and the social time to hang out with others and discuss new movies just coming out and older classics. I can’t remember the theme but he did some presentation that involved him wearing a toga. He borrowed it from a friend and was not shy in pulling it on and getting up in front of everyone.  

He also enjoyed the ICS field trips to go see movies as a group and especially the trip to the Senator Theatre in Baltimore. On the way over he told me stories of when he was a kid and would come there with his brothers. He said that his brothers would take the movie money and go someplace else while he went in and watched the movies. Then they would make him tell them the plot so they could “prove” they went. He charged them money for candy and soda to do this.

Jim was a big Superman fan – you know Up Up and Away!  He even had the S symbol tattooed on his arm. He read comics, I read science fiction books. I mean, we have all things superhero in our house, but I don’t mind. We have a house full of odd stuff, maybe eclectic is a better word, but it is fun stuff and it made us happy.

Jim even got to play the role of Superman in an independent movie that friends made. It was filmed in black and white and he got to fly. It was 11 minutes of his dream come true.  To be Superman. We shared this with ICS one night. Another member, John Weber, was also in the movie and he and Jim had a major scene together. They had a blast!

 Jim always had an open heart for people in need. And by that I mean, giving friends jobs, buying dinner for the friend that is in a tight spot, or helping someone move, and even something easy like just having money in his pocket everyday for the homeless man on the city street. He always treated people with respect and that earned him respect back.

He laughed. He loved to laugh. And in the laughing, he made others laugh. That was Jim. I have been looking at pictures and there tons of them of him with a grin on his face. Many of them are from events at ICS. The Auction, The Memorial day picnic, Pizza night, and Halloween was his favorite and he made his own Duffman costume. He loved that.

It has been 4 ½ years since he passed and sometimes I still expect him to come striding in the door and hug me.

Jim Childs (Legacy Notice) - Photo Album
(October 20, 1953 - May 29, 2007)

Jim joined ICS with his wife Betsy in 2002 after he found a flyer about the group on the men's room wall at the Shore Leave convention. They decided ICS sounded like a fun group as they liked to watch movies. We lost Jim suddenly, when he had a heart attack. He had told Betsy just earlier that day he'd been looking forward to seeing everyone at the Memorial Day ICS meeting.

Rick Arnold really thinks a lot of Jim. "He was definitely a genuine, good guy.  When Sam and I first joined the ICS we were instant friends with Jim and Betsy.  He was the type of person who truly was glad to see us each month.  With Jim you knew he was the real deal.  Jim was so much fun to be around too.  To this day we still talk about some of the fun moments and jokes we shared.  Although we knew him just a few years, we'll always remember him as one of the good guys."

"Jim Childs was a very centered, kind, and warm-hearted fellow." says Michael Schilling, "I don't recall ever having seen him angry or ill-at-ease. He had the ability to make others relax and feel comfortable just by saying a few words to them. Until after his death, I didn't know about all of the other organizations and causes that he took part in, most of them with Betsy by his side, but I wasn't surprised by any of was just in his nature to help. When Lisa joined the club while we were dating, he made her feel very welcome..and I always appreciated that very much. He was very loyal to the ICS, as you've been told, but he was even more loyal to all of us. We all adored the guy and miss him very much."

Dave Henderson remembers, "Jim Childs . . . what can I say? A great guy to hang around with. Jovial. Warm. Easy to like. A fellow comic book fan. Always willing to help out. Never took himself too seriously. And gone far too soon."

Charlie Wittig says, "I got one word for ya: DUFFMAN ! ! !"

John Ward replies, "Yep, that's definitely how I remember Jim! He was a great guy with a really cool, self-deprecating sense of humor. (As you can see from the photo!)

'I remember eating with Jim and Betsy one evening at a Pizza Hut after a day working the club table at the MANC convention. Great conversation."


Jim remembered outside of ICS

Jim was born and raised in Baltimore, in a small community of the city called Remington.

Jim Childs was a NCO in the US Navy. He served during the Viet Nam war. He was stationed in Guam and the Phillipines for most of his service. He was honorably discharged after 12 years service. Jim worked as a Retail store manager for many years and then got a job as a USPS branch manager.

He and his wife Betsy lived in Boston for 7 years and it was there that they started a Dalmatian Rescue group named GoDals. They would take in Dalmatians in need and foster and socialize them. Jim loved to help the dogs and found great satisfaction in finding them forever homes. Of course every once in awhile there was one you couldn't let go. That was how Tigger and Mercury came to be in his household.

Jim was a very giving guy and tried to help those in need. Sometimes it was something as simple as giving the guy on the corner the loose change he had in the truck, or helping a friend move furniture when no one else would. Sometimes it was giving a friend in need a job at his store or driving a rescue dog from one place to another on their trip to a new home. He had done all of those things. He was up for anything and would help out at a moment's notice.

He was a big fan of the Simpson's. He loved to make costumes for Halloween - see his Batman, his Captain Kirk, his Superman and the last one he did was Duffman. Made them all himself and without knowing how to sew. He would find things to use that was close (sweat suits, long johns, etc) and then hot glue whatever else needed. He loved doing these and Duffman was the one he wore to the last ICS halloween party.