Charlie's Favorite Links


  Your online source for magazines, movies, books and fun.
    Jim Clatterbaugh's labor of love and altar to horror films.
    One of the largest, and oldest Sci-Fi, Fantasy Clubs in the Baltimore area.
    The Blues Vulcan! A convention legend, entertainer and all around nice guy.
    The Official Home Page of The Astounding B Monster
    They are experts at restoring and preserving all types of movie paper and other art and collectibles including vintage movie posters, animation cels, art and historic documents.
    The official site for films produced by Baltimore's own Indy film maker Don Dohler. May he rest in peace. (site appears inactive)
    CinemArts was created with only one goal in mind - To bring film and film appreciation to downdown Frederick on a regular basis.
    Web comic by local Baltimore artist David Hellman and writer Dale Beran.
    A store, with locations in DC and Baltimore, that strives to to provide great movies to a diverse number of tastes and sensibilities.The three co-owners, Barry Solan, Michael Bradley, and David Ostheimer had, as their shared background, many years of working together at Newark’s beloved State Theatre. **Adult Content**
    This website is updated almost daily with more of the most amazing Godzilla toys and Ultraman toys and all their friends and more!  Run by our very own Linda Conrad.
    Wollcott & Sheridan is a Premium Audio Publisher presenting the new experience of Sonic Movies, the next evolution in the world of audio books and books on tape.
    An annual, fan run, science fiction convention. Offerings include writing workshops from some of your favorite sci-fi writers. Special guests include various sci-fi writers, movie and television stars.
    Description from their website: From one-night musical extravaganzas to multi-day promotional events, Cliffhanger Productions consistently makes bold visions become vivid reality.
    The UNOFFICIAL home page for the American International Teenage Monster Movies of the 1950's.
    The Boneyard is where the dark side of the Scriptorium shows through, featuring a great selection of macabre art and some very gruesomely provocative fonts. Scary fonts and art.
    A guy named Harry's news and reviews for everything coming out; the latest movies, movie DvD's, B-Movies, comics, anime. A mix and match of everything.
    Description on their site: SF Site is composed of many pieces. Twice a month since July 1997, we have posted a mixture of book reviews, opinion pieces, author interviews, fiction excerpts, author and publisher reading lists and a variety of other features. Plus listings for conventions, authors, and fan tribute site.
    Sci-fi 101 - Site contains discussion of what they consider to be the 25 best science fiction movies of all time. 25 movies that everyone should watch.
    B - Movie Science Fiction blog, with some very interesting commentary. The writer says "This is a personal journey through the golden age of science fiction movies. I have been watching and writing a review of each in (roughly) chronological order. "
    Internet Movie Database - Massive database to get information on just about any film on the big screen or television. Top movies and industry news.
    Hammer Film Productions is a film production company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1934, the company is best known for a series of Gothic "Hammer Horror" films made from the mid-1950s until the 1970s and now the present day. See the latest on their site.
    The official home page for the SyFy "Sci-Fi" cable television channel. See movies, television series schedules on their site as well as synopses of the movies and episodes.