#2-March 1999

    The members for our first Board of Directors were elected at the February meeting. The new Board members are Tom Burke, John Clayton, Dave Henderson, Joe Plempel and David Willard. Everyone that I spoke with agreed that this was a difficult election. Our new club is blessed with an abundance of talent. There were more than five other people who would have made fine Board members. If you were interested in serving on the Board but you weren't chosen, don't think that you've got the year off! We'll be dipping into our talent pool for special projects through the coming year.

    The Board met for the first time on Wednesday, February 24th. Officers were elected.
David Willard (yours truly) is the new chairman. Dave Henderson is our new secretary. John Clayton is our new treasurer. We ask for your patience as we feel our way around in our new roles. There were many other things accomplished at our inaugural meeting besides selecting officers. They're scattered about the newsletter that you're presently reading.

    Our next two meetings are scheduled for the Wheeler Auditorium on the third floor of the Enoch Pratt Library from 1:00 to 4:30. Please note these dates on your calendars:


    We're well aware that the Pratt isn't the perfect spot for a general meeting. Saturday nights would be better in a place where we can easily park and (if we want) bring munchies. Our intrepid Mr. Henderson is working on a church room in Perry Hall. He's hit a few snags but we're still in the running. We should know something by our March meeting. Regardless of the outcome we will still have our March meeting at the Pratt. The meeting dates and places beyond that could change.
    At our next meeting we hope to have a discussion on goals for the club. The Board feels that our primary goal is fun and fellowship among film fans. Beyond that we'll need to think about ways to continue to grow our numbers. We want to hear from all of you on other things you'd like to see us do as a club. If you can't make it to the next meeting let us know anyway. Your opinions matter to us.


We consider Mr. Henderson
A fine resourceful frienderson
He's feeling mighty tenderson
We hope that he'll soon menderson

    Two very loud cheers indeed! He's shown that he's got powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal fans! While he's still honing his abilities at changing the course of mighty rivers and bending steel with his bare hands, he has been doing some pretty extraordinary stuff. At out February meeting there was some discussion on designing a logo and web page for the I.C.S. Charlie has grabbed the ball and run with it. For you web slingers out there you can check out Charlie's handiwork before the next meeting. His proposed logo is located at: You can find his web page layout at Hats off to you Mr. Wittig. But you know what, why let Charlie have all the fun? . . .

    Everyone is encouraged to get in on the act! If you have a proposal for a logo or web design or if you have some amendments that you'd like to make to Charlie's efforts, let's hear 'em. Either speak up at the next meeting or let us know before hand (especially if you think that you may not be able to make it to the Pratt on the 27th). There's been talk of a prize for the person whose designs are accepted. Some have said that just the honor of having your designs accepted is enough. Other think that the screen classic that we viewed at our last meeting, The Headless Ghost, should be offered (personally I think that it's a movie too horrible to behold). What do you think?

    The Board is proposing that our dues rate of the old club, $20 per year and $30 per couple, remain the same. We're looking for your feedback at the next meeting.

   When we re-locate we'll need something to watch movies on. Hendo has offered us his V.C.R. We'll need to acquire a TV large enough for a room full of people to watch and
a cart to place it on (hopefully one with some elevation on it like the library's). We may need to purchase them but if any member wants to donate them or give us a deal, please let us know.

    Those of us who contemplate attending Monster Rally in August might want to start thinking about car-pooling and room sharing now. If you'd like to work at Monster Rally call Gary and Sue Svehla at 410-665-1198. It should be a helluva show!

    "All good things . . .," as the saying goes. On Sunday, April 11th at 11:00 P.M. "Mystery Science Theater 3000" begins its tenth and final season. Without most of us noticing "MST3K" has become the longest running genre' show on American television. They'll be airing a special reunion with the show's creator, Joel Hodgson (Mike Nelson's predecessor on the "Satellite of Love") and Frank Conniff  ("TV's Frank"). It's strange to think that two of my favorite TV stars, Tom Servo and Crow, are about to spend the next several years stuffed in plastic bags in a closet somewhere. How fleeting fame!
    And then some good things just never get going! The much anticipated sequel to "Babylon 5", "Crusade," has sputtered to an early halt. Joe Stracynski wasn't able to strike a deal with the very eager Sci-Fi Channel. They simply didn't have the funds. There are still 13 episodes in the can at TNT. When they air (their airdate was last announced for starting in June) there is a slight chance that a strong response could spark the show continuance on some network somewhere. But it's a longshot.
    And now a few other tidbits. For those of you who missed our last meeting Fox announced the cancellation of "Brimstone." During the all-important sweeps period their ratings actually dropped. . . . Sometime this month the Sci-Fi Channel is scheduled to air Francis Ford Coppola's "First Wave." It's about a man who's detected an alien invasion and has been framed for murder. He's hunted by both humans and aliens. . . .CBS will be airing "Flowers for Algernon" this November starring Matthew Modine. It's about a retarded man who receives experimental brain surgery to become a super-genius. This was originally done on television in 1961 and made into the film Charly in 1968. . . . James Cameron is working on the Kim Stanley Robinson Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars) as a miniseries for Fox. It's expected to air next year.