The ICS is a movie club for lovers of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and horror films. We are open to anyone who wants to have a good time socializing with other people who have the same interest in movies that you do!

The Imaginative Cinema Society meets the last Saturday night of each month at 5:30pm. Our meetings are now held at the Kenwood Presbyterian Church located at 4601 Fullerton Avenue, Baltimore, MD. (NOTE: We are in independent group & not church affiliated. Please SEE THIS LINK FOR DIRECTIONS.

The 2016 Meeting Schedule is now available. Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 27, 2016. John Ward will be presenting "The Night of the Hunter" a 1955 American Film Noir directed by Charles Laughton and starring Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lillian Gish.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!

Halloween 2015

As always, donations to the club help fund our activities. If you order anything from the Amazon link on this page, a portion of the proceeds go toward ICS.



Congratulations to Tom Diggin, Margaret Freeman, Nina Hawes, Darrel Chase and Courtney Spies, our newly elected Board of Directors. We will be updating our Board page soon.

Thanks to everyone who attended our January 30th meeting when Judy presented the magnum opus of film maker Tom Schiller, "Nothing Lasts Forever" (1984).

This unreleased film is a cult classic starring Zach Galligan, Bill Murray, Lauren Tom, Paul Rodgers, Dan Ackroyd, Mort Sahl, Eddie Fisher, Anita Ellis and Imogene Coco, among many others.

Nominated to appear at The Cannes Film festival, this film has only been shown in Europe and once late night at 2am on TBS. It has been randomly screened at a few theaters in the US.

This film was one of three in contract between MGM and producer Lorne Michaels. MGM dismissed it as an "art" film that was not marketable. But it is today owned by Warner Brothers who claimes to have its release on the back burner. Free