The ICS is a movie club for lovers of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and horror films. We are open to anyone who wants to have a good time socializing with other people who have the same interest in movies that you do!

The Imaginative Cinema Society meets the last Saturday night of each month at 5:30pm. Our meetings are now held at the Kenwood Presbyterian Church located at 4601 Fullerton Avenue, Baltimore, MD. (NOTE: We are in independent group & not church affiliated. Please SEE THIS LINK FOR DIRECTIONS.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, November 28th....

WHAT IS THE SCARIEST MOVIE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?  Not the goriest or the most shocking, but the one that unnerved you the most...made you lose sleep...kept you looking in the shadows for the boogeyman?  We'd like you to bring that film to the November club meeting, and w'll vote as a group on which one to watch.  At the same time, we'll chat about the movies that have REALLY spooked us!

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Halloween 2015


As always, donations to the club help fund our activities. If you order anything from the Amazon link on this page, a portion of the proceeds go toward ICS.


At the October meeting, the club enjoyed pre-Halloween pot luck offerings, followed by a wildly creative costume contest (won, once again, by Ms. Nina Hawes).

In his annual presentation to the group, Greg Mank provided a brilliant evaluation of THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, which celebrates its 80th year since the original release of the film. He also regaled members with entertaining behind-the-scenes stories about the production, after which the group screened the Universal classic.

And those that stayed (until after 4 a.m.) for the all-nighter were treated to a good mix of old and new movies: THE HIDDEN (1987), IT FOLLOWS (2014), and VAMPIRE CIRCUS (1972).

The irrepressible Judy Pentz will be surprising us with a special presentation at a later date TBA!

Also, you are still encouraged to bring snacks and stuff!

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