The ICS is a movie club for lovers of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and horror films. We are open to anyone who wants to have a good time socializing with other people who have the same interest in movies that you do!

The Imaginative Cinema Society meets the last Saturday night of each month at 5:30pm. Our meetings are now held at the Kenwood Presbyterian Church located at 4601 Fullerton Avenue, Baltimore, MD. (NOTE: We are in independent group & not church affiliated. Please SEE THIS LINK FOR DIRECTIONS.

We look forward to our next meeting on July 30th when our glorious co-founder, Dave Willard will be spewing forth his pearls of wisdom on the greatest film ever made: Ben Hur!....CORRECTION: Plan 9 From Outer Space preceded by out annual ICE CREAM Social aka, "be a pig and don't count calories".


We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!

Halloween 2015

As always, donations to the club help fund our activities. If you order anything from the Amazon link on this page, a portion of the proceeds go toward ICS.



On June 25 2016 Tom Diggin took us to otherworldly realms of fear when he presented “Aliens..But Not the Alien.” Such a bestiary of vicious, outre’ creatures had never been assembled in one place before. The presentation was followed by a viewing of The Angry Red Planet. Keep watching the skys!

Other Stuff: We shared data from the club survey and some changes resulting from it. The people have spoken!

We discussed, as usual, current genre movies and TV.
As usual Dave advised us on upcoming gems on TCM.

We enjoyed, as usual, the community and conviviality
of like-minded friends.

Coming up: July 30 2016 - Meeting

Pre-Event: The annual ICS Ice Cream Social!

Come and enjoy cold calories and sweetness.

More interplanetary adventure with Dave Willard’s presentation of “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” Though some call this the worst movie ever, and Ed Wood the worst director ever, "we" disagree. Come and see Dave (hopefully with his usual audio/visual assists) explain why P9FOS is actually a classic of American schloc…er, cinema.

Dave has also designed a “game show” of movie Trivia.
He wants to bring the fun back! Looks like a terrific meeting. CU there! Free